Workshop: Summer Strum Hoylake

In the last 10 years working as a music teacher in private lessons, in schools and at workshops I've been presented with many challenges. Most of the time you're coming up fun and interesting ways of learning some aspect of music making be it a particular style of playing or some form of theory.

In the case of the Summer Strum Hoylake they asked if there was something we could do that would cater for all levels of player. With that in mind at 5:30pm BST this Saturday, 4th of July, I'll be conducting a workshop on enhancing your playing by extending, embellishing and re-voicing the chords you play.

You can download a copy of the handout here:

Beyond The Basics: Using alternative chord voicings and shapes to enhance your playing

If you need a copy sent to you directly, send me an email at

If you're interested in signing up, please fill in the form below and I'll send you the zoom information on the day.

For further information, it's best to contact Summer Strum through Facebook but you can also join their private group: Summer Strum 2020 Wellbeing Tent.