Terms and Conditions

Below are some terms and conditions regarding lessons, gigs, workshops, commissions etc..

Please note that allowances are made for extreme circumstances with all clients, students etc. That said, these terms and conditions are to be adhered to as much as possible.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me

1. To facilitate efficient communication, students and clients need to provide their full contact details:

  • i.e. Name, Phone Number, Email

    • If student is under 18, then contact information for a parent or guardian must be provided.

  • If lessons are in the student’s home, they must provide their FULL address

2. All bookings for tuition or services are subject to availability

3. Ronan McCauley reserves the right to refuse tuition or services to new students or clients

4. Ronan McCauley reserves the right to cease tuition or services with existing students

  • Where possible information on alternate teachers will be made available

5. Services must be paid for either in advance or on the day of it being provided

  • Workshops, gigs and events will require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the discussed fee to secure the date

  • Failure to pay may result in tuition ceasing until balance is paid

  • Exceptions are made for extreme circumstances

6. Receipts are available on request for all services provided i.e. lessons, performances, songwriting etc.

7. Prices of services are subject to change

  • Existing clients and students will be made aware of any changes

8. Unless otherwise stated, offers and discounts on services provided by Ronan McCauley are only available for new students/clients

  • Offers regarding discounted lessons only apply to the student’s first 5 lessons

9. Students must provide adequate notice if they are unable to attend

  • At least 24 hours notice is preferred

  • Frequent absence from lessons will result in cessation of tuition

  • Extreme circumstances are always taken into account

10. Clients must provide adequate notice if the agreed workshop, gig or other event is unable to go ahead

  • At least 1 weeks notice is preferred

  • Deposits paid are non-refundable

11. In the event that insufficient notice is given, the student or client may be liable to pay for tuition or services regardless

  • Extreme circumstances are always taken into account

12. In cases where lessons have been booked and paid for in advance, failure to provide sufficient notice of absence may result in the lesson being marked as completed regardless.

  • Extreme circumstances are always taken into account

13. Students requiring a break of more than 1 lesson must provide adequate notice of this intention

  • Should this break involve missing more than 4 weeks then the student’s time-slot may be considered available for others to use.

  • Every effort will be made to accommodate the student if/when they return to tuition

  • The student also has the option of reserving their time-slot by paying a fee

14. If commissioning music for a project, event, film etc. full details on the requirements must be provided in advance of work beginning:

  • This includes but is not exclusive to:

    • Instrumentation information i.e. String quartet, solo instrument etc.

    • Performance context (i.e. venue of premier, occasion etc.)

    • Full disclosure of deadline information

  • Alterations to project requirements must be provided as far in advance of the deadline as possible.

15. Unless otherwise agreed directly with Ronan McCauley, all work provided by Ronan McCauley will be subject to payment suited to the task being performed.

16. Availing of lessons or other services with Ronan McCauley will be taken as acceptance of the above terms and conditions

17. Terms and conditions are subject to change