Arklow Ukulele Players

The thing I love the most about the project is how it brings people together. Whether you're an absolute beginner or a more confident player we have something for everyone.

Each week we meet up with a simple plan; learn something new and have fun learning it. If that's a new chords, a new technique or simply a new song, then that's awesome!

If you're interested in having fun learning the ukulele in a relaxed and family-friendly environment you'll find everything you need to get involved at the bottom of the page.

Members of Arklow Ukulele Players between songs

I started up this group back in September 2016 with one goal in mind;
to provide a safe, fun and relaxed place for people to learn and play music.

The first day began with about a dozen people but it grew and grew and gained momentum becoming one of Ireland's most well-known ukulele groups. We even played the main stage at the Ukulele Hooley.

How to get involved:

We love meeting new people and being a part of their ukulele journey. Given Covid-19 we are conducting our meetings digitally through classes on Zoom and Jams on YouTube.

The best way to get involved is to get in contact with me.