5 Ways To Help Kids Practice

Parent’s often ask me how they can help their child progress when learning to play an instrument. We often forget that there are many ways that we can help children improve even if we are not musically accomplished ourselves. So here we go:

1. Time

Rather than setting a time limit or scheduling an exact time try be a little more casual. Pick a general timeĀ of day for them to begin their practice. So, for example, you might choose to have them start just after dinner each day. You could even choose a time-frame like between 5pm and 6pm for example. The point is: don’t be too strict with the “when”.

2. Place

Music, like language, is something social. You need to be around other people to truly benefit from it. With this in mind, practice should always be done in a public area of the house where other people can hear them. That being said, if they would prefer somewhere quiet suggest somewhere within earshot so you can hear them play.

3. Praise

Everyone loves to know that their hard work is appreciated. Praise them for their hard work, how well they sound, and how much they’ve improved.




4. Encourage

Ask them to play a song for you. When they play for you make an effort to sing, dance or bop along to show that their playing is making someone happy.




5. Repeat

Habits are made through repetition. Using these steps keep them coming back. The more you help them with their practice, the sooner they’ll set to work on their own.